Missions and Ministries

North Pomfret Congregational Church feels strongly about our mission and outreach projects.
Community outreach & Missions
Sign up for our weekly news email to keep up with what we are doing.  Currently all activities together are on hold except what we can do on line.  We welcome your ideas!
Faith Formation

We are currently meeting by zoom for all worship and meetings. There are no scheduled Faith Formation Classes for Children.
  When we worship in person there are activities for children to work on during worship and they are welcome in our service.  We believe children are an important part of our faith community and we try to make our worship "family friendly."

Evening Bible Study

Our Adult Bible Study is held at the parsonage early in the week. (but currently, during the pandemic, we are meeting by Zoom on Tuesday evening at 6).  We usually look at the texts that will be used in worship the following Sunday. This gives all of us time to "live with" the key passages all week and see what bubbles up for us. Sometimes you may hear your own words or thoughts reflected back to you in the sermon, or you may be surprised when the Holy Spirit leads in a different direction.
Contact us for the more information or for the link to connect with our zoom meeting.